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Three common challenges faced by students

Som Kanika / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

Society and peer pressure


It is undeniable that one of the main challenges for every grown-up is to keep up with the influence of society – including family and peers.  The more you grow, the more responsibilities and obligations you are expected to handle, while also managing expectations for perfect outcomes.

To understand this issue further, Youth Today conducted interviews with two of the Royal University Phnom Penh students regarding the pressure that they face.

Sam Minea, a freshman majoring in International Business Management, shared her experience in facing societal pressure that she encountered in her first year at the University:

“The main challenge of being an adult is being confronted with high expectations that you are expected to achieve. Since we are all human, we know for sure that we are not perfect but somehow the society still demands perfectionism from all of us,” Minea said.

When asked to give an example to further illustrate her points, Minea said: “For instance, the most demanding situation that parents can put their child through is by expecting them to earn the best grades each and every time, without realising the amount of pressure it entails.”

Feeling lost

Feeling directionless, forgetting your purpose and seeming to lose interest in everything? This is a very common situation faced by most adult. The transition period between teenagers into adults can be a really confusing time as everything starts to change – physically and mentally.

Aside from this, you also have to face many life-changing decisions which could bring about dilemmas. Below are personal experiences shared by students who have gone through the ‘confusing’ phase:

Sok Kimraksa is currently a student doing two majors. She said that her experience of feeling lost was when she had to make a decision on her majors and university.

“After passing Grade 12, every student is faced with another dilemma, which is deciding a major and university. This is because the decision is what shapes your own future.

“It was a challenging time for me as it I had insufficient information and no guidance from seniors. At that point, you feel like it is such a heavy burden but trust me, everything is temporary – even the way you feel about yourself.”

One of her friends, Marynet also agreed: “I think feeling lost is a very common issue that happens to most adults as at this phase of life you have to decide on the right paths to walk on. It involves many important decisions in life, which at some point can be overwhelming. Just try your best, everything will work out for the best.”



The American Psychiatric Association states that depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It added that depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home.

Depression is also very common in youth. As you are more mature, there are more responsibilities and you’re also expected to show your best, therefore, the pressure from every part of the environment as well as the changes in hormones tend to easily make youth fall into depression.

But you can go to avoid falling into a depression by many ways including acceptance the fact about your issue and insecurity, plus seeking medical help including medication, meeting with psychotherapy and talking your issue out with trusted friends.

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