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Telling eerie tales in the modern day

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Do you believe in the paranormal? Are you a fan of spooky tales? Do you believe that the spirits roam the earth alongside humans? While some claimed to be able to provide proof of their existence, some others brushed them off as being entirely made-up.

However, as we stepped into a new decade, the question arises: “Do people even believe in ghosts anymore?” At least one person does. Sok Samphoaskolthyda is a well-known horror storyteller who goes by the nickname Scarlett on her social media channels.

The leading content creator is only 23 years old but her experiences with the paranormal are countless. It all started when she was still a teenager.

Scarlett and her whole family had odd encounters back when they were living in an old wooden house in Phnom Penh. According to her, it is because of a spirit that still follows her and her family.

“I’m scared of it, but it’s okay now,” Scarlett said and giggled.

As Scarlett is now a film star and presenter, her day is filled with production work. Therefore, she only has very little time to record her storytelling session.

When the day sets in and the night appears, it is normally time for people to go to bed but not for Scarlett, as it would the time for her to start recording her horror show.

“Until now, when I am recording the videos in our new house, weird things still happen,” she said, adding that however, the spirit has never tried to hurt her.

“I don’t know why, I always have this strange feeling looming in the air, almost as if the spirit is watching me whenever I go places,” she said.

It has been about 10 years already that she noticed the strange in her life but only last September, she decided it was time to share her spooky stories with the public.

As a content creator, Scarlett said she just wanted to bring something new and creative to entertain her fans on social media. Instead of making “typical” videos such as song covers or make-up tutorials, this Facebook star started telling her own horror experiences to her online friends.

“Back in the days we used to turn on the radio to listen to ghost stories by the radio presenter, but now this kind of thing is hard to find. So I’m attempting at making it popular again by using digital platform,” said Scarlett.

“I used to film make-up tutorial video but later I realised that it is not challenging or unique and everyone can do it, so audience had no good reason to watch me,” said Scarlett.

“Later on, when I was eating with my siblings and talking about eerie experiences that we encountered, I immediately thought to myself – I had plenty of those,” she laughed, adding that she then decided to record her show with the help from her young brother, just so she is not doing it alone.

Once a week, she would publish an episode to her Facebook page. Every video is up to 20-minute long. Now, Scarlett is not only sharing her own stories, but also retelling the stories that she gathered from the fans.

“I couldn’t believe that there are so many people who have also encountered scary experiences just like me, until I received a lot of their stories in my Facebook inbox,” she said.

Scarlett said she could not believe that her ghost stories would go viral, like they did. Up to this day, she has published 14 published on her Facebook page, @ScarlettBii. Check them out, if you are in the mood to get spooked.

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