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Shuttered factory promises jobs for workers in new company

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Workers hold a meeting with company representatives on Monday. CYPUL

Sees Global Limited has agreed to several demands made by workers in Kandal province who have been protesting for several days, according to a unionist.

Since December 14, nearly 500 garment workers have been staging protests to demand compensation after Sees Global shuttered its factory in Khsach Kandal district. On Monday, the workers sought Prime Minister Hun Sen’s intervention in the capital but were blocked by local authorities before leaving the province.

They planned to hand a petition to Mr Hun Sen, but their convoy of six trucks and many motorcycles was stopped in Mok Kampoul district.

Following this, a Labour Ministry official on Monday evening held a meeting with representatives of the company and the workers.

Seang Rithy, president of Cambodia Youth Power Union League, said after the meeting that Moon Hyun-ee, a South Korean national representing the company, assured the workers that they would be absorbed into a new company.

He noted that the representative also assured them that they would be paid seniority and other benefits.

“The negotiations ended well with the company agreeing to all the demands by the workers,” Mr Rithy said.

He noted Sees Global agreed to a total of 18 points demanded by the workers.

According to minutes of the meeting obtained yesterday, the company also accepted an in-house union to help find solutions related to working conditions.

It noted the company will pay workers their seniority indemnity twice a year in accordance with a Labour Ministry directive.

Heng Sour, a Labour Ministry spokesman, on Monday said that it was not the first time that the ministry has found a solution after a company ceased operations, noting that its priority is to ensure that workers receive their benefits.

Phon Rat, a worker, yesterday said that they had agreed to stop protesting because the company had accepted their demands.

“We did not want to protest but there was no other way for us to seek our rights,” she said. “Now we are happy that the negotiations with the company have ended well.”

Ms Rat added that the workers were thankful to the company for finding a solution for them.

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