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SCC raises corruption and ethic violations during meeting

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Education Ministry officials brief Council members during the meeting yesterday. Supplied

The Supreme Consultative Council is calling on the Education Ministry to address all issues plaguing the education sector in the Kingdom, including corrupt practices and ethic violations.

SCC and a ministry delegation held a discussion yesterday at the Council of Minister’s office in Phnom Penh to discuss major issues yet to be solved by the ministry.

These include: Taking additional fees from students, teacher and principal selection, discipline , ethics, drug abuse, quality of education, human resources and education reform.

Chhim Phal Virun, secretary of the SCC and CPP spokesman, after the meeting said though the ministry has improved the quality of education in the Kingdom, the issues remain unresolved.

“The SCC raised many issues related to education,” Mr Phal Virun said. “We found, through communication with the masses, that [corruption and ethics violations] are based on facts, not political opportunism.”

The SCC is made up of political parties that contested in last year’s national election where the CPP swept all 125 National Assembly seats.

Pich Sros, SCC member and president of the Cambodian Youth Party, said he raised many points during the meeting, including students’ right to debate politics in school, compulsory drug-testing, capacity building and increasing teachers’ salaries.

However, he said the SCC could not accept the explanations offered by Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron during the meeting.

“We could not accept some explanations from [Mr Naron] regarding the drug test,” Mr Sros said. “He responded by saying it would violate rights, [they] don’t have the budget and it is not stipulated anywhere in the laws.”

“I do not understand how he thinks,” he added.

Soksovann Vathana Sabung, SCC member and president of the Khmer Rise Party, yesterday said the ministry must take urgent action to address the issues.

Mr Naron could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Education Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha at the press conference said the ministry works under the law.

Mr Soveacha said the ministry appreciates the SCC’s feedback.

“The ministry welcomes positive collaboration with all parties and thanks them for all the constructive feedback,” he said.

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