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Two homes along the riverbank collapse in Prey Veng province

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One of the homes that collapsed into the river. Koh Santepheap

Authorities in Prey Veng province’s Peam Ro district yesterday appealed to residents living along the river in Banlech Prasat commune to mind their homes after two houses collapsed into the river on Saturday due to erosion.

Lieutenant Colonel Seng Ponlok, chief of Peam Ro district police, said that on Saturday evening two houses collapsed into the river, but no one was injured.

“Property in the houses was totally damaged,” he said. “But the residents were rescued and no one died or was injured.”

He noted authorities are now in the process of relocating two other nearby homes so that they do not suffer the same fate.

He said there are more than ten houses along the riverbank in Banlech Prasat commune, but only the additional two are at serious risk.

“We suggested the owners of the other two houses move for safety after seeing the first two homes collapse,” he said.

Villagers work to relocate a home. Koh Santepheap

Chum Sophy, director of the water resources department in Prey Veng district, said the riverbank collapsed due to natural erosion which occurs every year.

“The two houses were built right next to the riverbank. It is very risky,” he said.

Seng Teang, governor of Peam Ro district, came to visit the victims who lost their homes and property.

She said authorities would offer donations to the poor families and find a solution to aid them during this hard time.

“ I appeal to other home owners along the riverbank, be more careful as erosion can give way at any time, and if you see dangerous parts of the riverbank, report them right away,” she said.

Last month, around 50 metres of riverbank collapsed in Kampong Cham’s province Kampong Cham city and affected a commune administration building.

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