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December 3, 2019, the Touk Meas, Kampot Province, 05 December 2019. Chip Mong Insee Cement (CMIC) Plant, one of the largest and most advanced, had the honor of inaugurating its new Industrial waste management facility in presence of Cambodia’s Environment Minister, Kampot Deputy Governor and the project’s stakeholders.

Waste management has become a key concern in the kingdom where the economy and the manufacturing sector are growing fast. Chip Mong Ecocycle Business unit has been established to provide an environmentally-friendly solution to dispose of Industrial waste and has enjoyed the full support of the Environment Ministry. Manufacturing companies are demonstrating an increasing responsibility when it comes to environmental stewardship and this new waste management facility is part and parcel of Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation’s (CMIC) commitment to promoting a clean environment, at a time when the world is facing enormous challenges. CMIC’s CEO, Mr. Nicolas George, says “with the inauguration of our new Ecocyle Project, CMIC has reached another milestone towards improving the environment in Cambodia. Our plant is now equipped with state-of-the-art technology to manage industrial waste and further reduce our environmental footprint. I have no doubt that this new venture will prove to be a great success and be beneficial to all our stakeholders. Once more, CMIC has demonstrated its commitment to develop a more sustainable cement industry.” Chip Mong Ecocycle has the capacity to process around 10 tons of industrial waste per hour, equivalent to around 7000 tons per month. The waste processing facility consists of solid waste receiving and processing facility which provides a solution to the Garment & Footwear industry, as well as other sectors of the economy.

CMIC is proud of the fact that its Chip Mong Ecocycle is the first sustainable industrial waste management solution provider in Cambodia. It processes hazardous and non-hazardous waste through a technological process known as “co-processing”.

Co-processing is the term used for the thermal destruction of industrial waste, combining two core processes undertaken simultaneously, without compromising the efficiency of either one. Co-processing satisfies all regulatory standards and is being adopted globally for the management of industrial waste. It is seen as a superior option to landfilling and incineration, since it offers a complete solution with no environmental impact.

Co-processing has been used successfully in the USA, the EU and Japan for 40 years. It is recognised by many international organisations, including the World Health Organisation and the GTZ, as well as the Basel and Stockholm Conventions. Chip Mong Ecocycle General Manager, CMIC’s Mr. Sajith Edirisuriya, says: “The technology of co-processing guarantees the complete destruction of all Industrial waste thanks to its high temperature. It is a residue-free process with no negative impact on emissions. These advantages translate into tangible benefits for all of Cambodia’s industrial sectors, by helping them to send zero waste to landfills.”

CMIC is a joint venture between Cambodia’s Chip Mong Group and Thailand’s Siam City Cement Corporation (SCCC), which has over 50 years of hand-on experience in producing quality cement and over 20 years of extensive and hands on experience in providing waste management solution to various industries.a

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