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Sar Kheng: Drug use and traffic accidents remain two major problems

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Interior Minister Sar Kheng today gives a remark during a speech. Facebook

Interior Minister Sar Kheng today said drug use and traffic accident remains as the two major issues in the country, calling on all authorities to firmly tackle these problems and better educate people.

During a speech marking the achievements of a pagoda in Prey Veng province, Mr Kheng said although police have raided and cracked down on many large-scale drug use and trafficking, the problem is still troublesome in local communities.

“In 2019, police have cracked down on many large-scale drug uses and distribution. So far, more than 1 tonnes of illicit drugs were seized but the small-scale activities are still happening because our officials are involved in it. This is what we are concerned of,” he said. “Do not let drug use spread at schools, or else our next generation will suffer.

Mr Kheng also warned police officials to not to be involved with drugs or tolerate drug use, saying that they must not underestimate the issue and its consequence.

Meanwhile, Mr Kheng said that traffic accidents have now killed at least five people a day across the country because drivers still disobey the traffic law and are careless.

“Until now, nearly 1,600 people have died because of traffic accidents and thousands others injured. This is more cruel than war,” he said. “I would like to appeal to our authorities to address the problem.”

Mr Kheng added that the two major issues require both authorities and people to jointly address them in order to reduce and to prevent the unfortunate incidents happen in the country.

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