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Appeal Court upholds conviction of RT news fixer

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Rath Rott Mony
Rath Rott Mony enters the court. KT/ Siv Channa

The Appeal Court yesterday upheld the conviction and sentence of Rath Rott Mony who was found guilty of being involved in the production of a sex trafficking documentary dismissed as fake news by the government.

Mr Rott Mony, who has maintained he was just a news fixer, not a producer for the Russia Today film, was charged with incitement to discriminate over his involvement in the film, “My Mother Sold Me”.

Presiding Judge Samnang said the Appeal Court has decided to uphold the decision of Phnom Penh Municipal Court due to two main reasons.

“The accused Rott Mony was attributed as one of the producer in RT’s documentary news. Both plaintiffs, Lim Sreyty and Khieng Sreymich, the two girls featured in the film, claimed they were dubbed by Mony to act in the film,” he said.

Judge Samnang said Mr Mony’s statements during the trial were not convincing, but noted that the accused has the rights to appeal against the decision to the Supreme Court.

Sam Tithseyha, Mr Rott Mony’s lawyer, said he will discuss with his client and consider filing an appeal against the decision.

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