Shunde Museum, theme park a window into Shenzhen

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The front entrance of the Happy Times there park. Supplied

Foshan city, Guangdong – The Shunde museum, located at Foshan City, Guangdong province is a must-visit venue. The museum has four floors, and each floor has a number of different exhibition areas.

The development process, furniture, folk customs, and folk art of Shunde district are presented one by one in a deliberate and delicate manner. In addition to its permanent public collections, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions of history and art.

The museum has a detailed exhibition and introduction of the history of Shunde’s development, including historical sites as far as the Han and Tang Dynasties, and the process of reclaiming land from the sea developed in the district, which is indeed a good place for long knowledge.

The main attractions are, however, the exhibits on Shunde cuisine, furniture, painting and calligraphy, and martial arts.

The sense of the times and the sense of modernity are integrated as carefully built cabinets stow various artefacts and techniques which contributed towards the exquisity of Shunde cuisine, its culture and heritage and its origins, neatly stowed behind glass cabinets.

Next to the museum is a theme park, the OCT Harbour Plus Window of the World theme park, part of which is still undergoing construction. Construction works started in 2011 and is expected to be fully completed, including phase two with branded outlets such as McDonalds by 2022 at a cost of 120 billion RMB.

The park executives said that people visit it after visiting the Shunde museum and for 160 yuan, get to experience various rides, re-creations of historical sites and other excitements related to theme parks.

“On public holidays we get about 150,000 visitors which dwindles down to about 60,000 on weekends and about 15,000 on weekdays. The biggest attraction here is the giant ferries wheel – the Eye of Shunde which is dazzling at night,” the executive says.

That the work is still in progress is evident as many shop fronts are still boarded up for renovations and lacking in greenery for shade.


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