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National Assembly ratifies two border agreements

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National Assembly

The National Assembly yesterday ratified the 1985 supplementary treaty and 2005 agreement on border demarcation between Cambodia and Vietnam to foster good relations and maintain peace along the border.

Hun Neng, chairman of National Assembly’s commission on Interior, National Defence and Public Function, said that the draft law is an important legal instrument for the management of land, people and farms along the borders.

“These are important documents to protect territorial sovereignty of the Kingdom defined as a borderline without any changes and to maintain a peaceful border, stability, friendship, cooperation and development in all sectors,” Mr Neng said.

In October, Prime Minister Hun Sen and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed two legal documents – a document to support a 1985 supplemental protocol and 2005 agreement on border demarcation, as well as a document to acknowledge the demarcations as legal documents.

Mr Hun Sen and Nguyen Xuan Phuc also signed 84 percent of border demarcation work completed between the two nations since 2005.

CPP lawmaker and Defence Minister General Tea Banh yesterday said during the session that it is a huge achievement for the government by succeeding in demarcating 84 percent of border markers between Cambodia and Vietnam for more than a decade.

“We are so proud that we have succeeded in [demarcating 84 percent of borders] as we will have a clear borderline. We are satisfied together, both Cambodia and Vietnam. No side loses any parts of the land,” he said.

Gen Banh also lashed out at opposition group for accusing the government of ceding pieces of land to Vietnam as the result of the border demarcation.

“What they have raised is unfounded and irresponsible,” Gen Banh said. “We are sure that no land is lost,” he said.

He said that Cambodia and Vietnam used the maps and visited specific areas along the border before they came into agreements.

“Frankly speaking, they love their land and we also love ours. So as to what they accused us [of giving land to Vietnam], we have just worked on it for a few months and then it would be finished, and there was no need for us to spend years working on the issue,” Gen Banh said in response to an allegation.

He added that Cambodian and Vietnamese Border Affairs Committees have completed another six of the remaining 16 percent demarcations.

“According to the information we have obtained, both parties have discussed and agreed to another six percent, so ten percent is left”, Gen Banh said.

Kin Phea, director-general at International Relations Institute of Royal Academy of Cambodia, yesterday said that clear borderline is very crucial.

“I think that is an important achievement as we have a clear borderline between the two nations,” Mr Phea said.

He said that the government should ensure that Cambodians are living on and farming on their own land by preventing any foreign encroachment.

“The government needs to devise a policy to encourage the people to settle along the borders to protect what we have demarcated,” Mr Phea said. “We need to take care of the actual land and not only take care of the map”.

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