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Labour Minister Ith Samheng hails job fair

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Minister Ith Samheng. courtesy of the Labour Ministry

Labour Minister Ith Samheng yesterday hailed the 9th National Career and Productivity Fair held over the weekend as successful, noting about 30,000 visitors, mostly students, youths, job seekers and workers, attended.

The fair held on Saturday and yesterday at Koh Pich Exhibition Centre had 300 booths, including those of 150 companies seeking to recruit workers.

Mr Samheng said the fair provided an opportunity for job seekers to meet with representatives of prospective employers to find out what skills were needed to land positions.

“Each year, the National Employment and Productivity Fair keeps gaining in popularity and this year’s fair provided a lot of opportunities for job seekers,” Mr Samheng noted.

There were 20,000 jobs up for grabs this year, which were offered by companies, educational institutions, ministries, international and national organisations.

Job seekers who brought along curriculum vitae also had the opportunity to have immediate interviews with prospective employers.

As part of the National Labour Productivity Promotion Campaign, the ministry also organised a conference where experts shared ideas, knowledge and experience, especially in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

UNDP representative Nick Beresford, who attended the fair, yesterday said the event provided an opportunity for job seekers to look out for opportunities and also for employers to find skilled workers they need.

“I congratulate the Ministry of Labour for working with private companies and state institutions to organise this fair for job seekers,” he said. “UNDP will continue long-term support for this important work.”

Pich Sophorn, a ministry secretary of state, yesterday said that Cambodia is still meeting challenges arising from the fourth industrial revolution, including in sectors such as transportation, banking and commerce.

“Even though new technology is impacting labour-intensive sectors, it is also creating new jobs in the information technology sector,” he noted.

Thun Sreyna, 21, a student who attended the fair, yesterday said she gathered a lot of information about the job needs of companies and state institutions.

“Next year, I will finish university and am now looking for internship opportunities,” she noted. “I learned at the fair about how companies recruit staff, how to write a proper CV and what skills companies need.”

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