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PM calls on ministry to speed up education reforms

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Prime Minister Hun Sen has instructed the Education Ministry to step up its efforts in increasing the quality of education for all students in the Kingdom so they can land good careers later in life.


Mr Hun Sen made the instruction in a recording released yesterday to mark the opening day of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Mr Hun Sen said the ministry and other institutions must all review policies, legal frameworks and mechanisms pertaining to education.

“The ministry must improve the efficiency of budgets of public education institutions and deploy teachers to all schools across the Kingdom,” Mr Hun Sen said. “School rectors and teachers must also improve their capacity.”

Mr Hun Sen said the Education Ministry must make efforts to ensure that public schools are capable of providing good quality education, expanding education programmes and ensuring that children stay in school for at least nine years.

He said the education sector is undergoing reforms that include building new schools and increasing the quality of learning and teaching. He said the goal is to increase the quality of Cambodian workers to fulfil the Kingdom’s job market demands.

Mr Hun Sen said the government will continue to increase the annual education budget so teachers can be recruited and trained.

He said students must be studious, obey school rules and stay away from trouble.

“Students have to pay attention and learn, listen and take advice from parents and teachers,” Mr Hun Sen said. “Stay away from bad activities, especially getting involved in gangs and rugs.”

“Students must obey the law and rules of a school,” he added.

Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha yesterday said his ministry will carry out Mr Hun Sen’s instructions.

“The ministry has put a lot of effort into education reforms over the past six years and it will continue to do so in the next five years,” Mr Soveacha said. “Reforms are aimed at contributing to social development and the national economy.”

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