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PM: Rubbish fee to be removed from monthly electricity bill

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen chairs the meeting this morning. KT/ Khem Sovannara

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday has reiterated in the cabinet plenary meeting that the government will set up one autonomous entity to manage waste collection and clean the city.

He said that the government will also remove the rubbish fee from the monthly electricity bill, starting from January 1, 2020.

“I decided to withdraw the license from Cintri Company as this company has not fulfiled their obligation fully since they got the license to collect and dispose waste on 25 June 2002. This company has not met its obligations to serve the people and in line with the rapid growth of the capital,” Mr Hun Sen said.

He said that Cintri will get a fair compensation from this decision. In addition, all of Cintri’s resources, staff, asset and equipment will be transferred to the state autonomous entity.

The autonomous entity will play a temporarily management role on the collection and disposal of waste and clean up the city.

“We cannot depend on Cintri and keep talking about Cintri and their work.  We have to take action immediately to solve waste collection for temporary relieve for the people’s need,” Mr Hun Sen said.

“After our autonomous operation is stable, we will start the bidding process to select at least 4 companies to collect the waste and clean the city to ensure the quality and quantity is acceptable to their people as well as to create jobs for more people,” Prime Minister added.

“We have to pull out the rubbish fee from EDC’s electricity bill from January 1st 2020, by replacing it with a new mechanism. I have to operate this illness as it has happened for many years,” he added.

“It is not fair that waste collection fee is in the bill as some people do not have waste or some areas do not have waste collection truck,” he said.

He also allowed Ministry of Mine and Energy to work with private companies to set up plants to convert waste to energy and the government will subsidise the cost.

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