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GMAC urges members to join REX

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Shoe factory
Shoe factory workers in Phnom Penh. KT/Ven Rathavong

The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) on Sunday asked members to join the EU’s Registered Exporters System (REX), a scheme based on self-certification that allows firms to export without a certificate of origin.

GMAC urged its members to join REX before the end of the year when the EU will stop accepting certificates of origin issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

“We would like to urge all members to register as soon as possible with the Registered Exporters System (REX) as the deadline with the EU is fast approaching,” said Van Sou Ieng, GMAC chairman.

The Registered Exporter System allows firms to ship goods abroad using a statement of origin instead of the ‘form A’ of the certificate of origin. It is based on the principle of self-certification. By joining the system, companies become ‘registered exporters’, which allows them to issue their own statements of origin.

Since last year, the Ministry of Commerce and GMAC have repeatedly asked exporters to join the system but not many have followed suit, Mr Sou Ieng lamented.

“Once the deadline passes, the EU will no longer accept certificates of origin issued by the Ministry of Commerce. It will instead require all exporters to use the REX system so that they can have a statement of origin,” he added.

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