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Analyst sues lawmaker over claims doctors and patients are cheating NSSF

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chheang vun
Chheang Vun. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A social analyst has filed a lawsuit against lawmaker Chheang Vun over his statement that doctors and patients are colluding with each other to cheat the National Social Security Fund into paying for false medical expenses.


Heang Kimsroeun yesterday said that he filed criminal complaints against Mr Vun, chairman of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information and Media Commission, on Monday for allegedly committing eight offences relating to accusations that workers pretended to be sick and caused losses to the national budget.

“Mr Vun has unfairly put the blame on workers without knowing the actual situation and he did not have clear proof to back his accusation that workers and doctors collude with each other to cheat the NSSF,” he said.

Mr Kimsroeun said he filed complaints against Mr Vun for blackmail, public defamation, existence of incitement, incitement to commit felony, incitement to discriminate, infringement of personal freedom, unlawful interference in the discharge of public functions and activities causing misapprehension with the discharge of public functions.

“Mr Vun’s accusations affect the personal rights and freedom of workers and doctors and we cannot accept this,” he noted.

Mr Kimsroeun challenged Mr Vun to show evidence, either in court or in public, that workers and doctors colluded with each other. He also wants Mr Vun to publicly apologise to workers and doctors and calls for legal action to be taken against him.

Mr Vun yesterday said that he did not accuse workers and doctors as Mr Kimsrouen claims.

“I want to inform Mr Kimsroeun that what I said was not my own opinion, but a statement made in my capacity as a spokesman,” he said. “Even if I expressed it as my own opinion in the National Assembly, I enjoy parliamentary immunity.”

Mr Vun noted that he welcomes Mr Kimsroeun’s action and is waiting to receive a court summons.

“I have the right to counter sue him in court over his accusations, but I do not need to sue a silly analyst,” he said.

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