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Government delivers $5 million in childbirth bonuses

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A garment worker comforts her newborn child in Phnom Penh. KT/Siv Channa

The government has spent more than $5 million to support female garment workers who delivered babies during the first nine months of the year.

The National Social Security Fund yesterday said that from January to September, 55,180 workers who delivered 55,543 babies received money through the fund.

“For the nine months, the government spent more than 22 billion riel or more than $5.4 million to the workers,” it said.

It added that among the 55,000 babies, there were 350 twins and four triplets.

The NSSF noted that the number of workers who delivered the babies this year had increased compared to the same period last year.

Last year, the government distributed some $7 million to 65,054 mothers of 65,534 babies. The government had announced it would provide a bonus of $100 to a garment worker who gave birth to a child, $200 to one who had twins and $300 for triplets.

The government expects to pay out at least $10 million per year to workers who give birth.

Mann Seng Hak, vice president of Free Trade Union of Cambodian Workers, yesterday said he supported the government’s policy to provide some bonus to relieve the financial difficulties female workers face after they give birth.

“I think that providing bonus to them is good, but the government and relevant authorities also have to pay more attention to them such as health care, work safety and their children’s welfare,” he noted.

Mr Seng Hak said that the government should continue to provide this bonus to female workers forever and that although it was not much, it could help them pay for daily expenses while they are on maternity leave.

“Besides providing the bonus, the government should provide free milk and health checks for the babies and also create childcare centres,” he noted.

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