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Sanofi Cambodia Celebrates World Pharmacist Day with Approximately 200 Pharmacists

Dr. Heng Bun Kiet, Director of Department of Drugs and Food of Ministry of Health was delivering an interview during the World Pharmacist Day event.

Sanofi Cambodia a French pharmaceutical company celebrated “World Pharmacist Day 2019” under the theme “Good Pharmacy Practice” with around 200 pharmacists in Phnom Penh and via live event in Siem Reap and Battamabang province on Sept 25th, 2019.

25 September marks the annual World Pharmacist Day. The event encourages pharmacists to use this day to organize activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world.

“Safe and effective medicines for all” is the theme of this year’s World Pharmacist Day.

This year in Cambodia, in collaboration and engaging with healthcare professionals and with strong support from involving parties, the event today aims at promoting the importance of good pharmacy practice to broader audiences.

Ms. Monsinee Sathirakawinskul, Head of Cambodia Operations said pharmacists use their broad knowledge, unique expertise and play crucial roles as a key stakeholder in patient care, support and safety through ensuring and improving proper medicines use and reducing medication errors and much more.

She added that “We believe the event today will lead to improve access to medicine and the appropriate use, key practical principle of quality, safety and efficacy management, medication errors etc,. This, in turn, will contribute significantly to more sustainable healthcare solutions so that people can live healthier, fuller lives.”

In the celebration of World Pharmacist Day, Dr. Heng Bun Kiet, Director of Department of Drugs and Food of the Ministry of Health said it is a good opportunity for pharmacists from different places to gather and exchange their knowledge, ideas, and information. In addition, the event also allows the next generation to understand about importance of proper use of medicines, learn what is new and benefits to their personal development.

Ph. Eav Dararath, Drug Inspector of Department of Drugs and Food of the Ministry of Health said the principle of good pharmacy practice is one of the necessary stage after the manufacturing, storage and transportation stage of medicines. The pharmacies play key roles to safeguard the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines for patients.

He stressed that safety is one of the key focus that as example, if the medicine is in good quality and efficacy; however, if the use of it is improper, not in the right usage and not follow the prescription, it would also cause problems. Therefore, good pharmacy practice would help pharmacist provide safe medicines to customers.

This year’s World Pharmacist Day event is just one of the various educational campaigns that Sanofi Cambodia actively supports. The pharmaceutical company aims to provide healthcare education and scientific updates to healthcare professionals and to the Cambodian public.

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