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Bridge of Communication and Cooperation, Melody of Common Development

Mr. Jin Jun. Supplied

In the past years, under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, Cambodia has made tremendous progress in economic and social development. Annual GDP growth has remained above 7% growth for many years, and poverty rate now is below 10%. DNP per capita is over 1500 USD currently, which makes Cambodia stage up to the lower middle country from the least developing country. We believe that under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the People’s Party, Cambodia will achieve its ambitious blueprint and finally become the high-income country.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of People Republic of China. In the past 70 years, China has achieved remarkable development, which has also benefited the whole world, especially China’s one belt and one road Initiative provides opportunities for countries along the one belt and one road such as Cambodia. Due to the high fit between the rectangular strategy for growth, employment, equity and efficiency in Cambodia and China’s one belt and one road initiative, more and more Chinese investors have come to Cambodia, who have made much contribution to Cambodia social and economic development. With the increasing of Chinese direct investment and trade, China has become the largest FDI and the largest trading partner of Cambodia.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia is an important Chinese business association organization, which is under the guidance of the Chinese Embassy. We have more than 200 members, who are the core Chinese-funded enterprises, have investment in power, roads, airports, communications, manufacturing, agriculture and other extensive areas. Since the Chamber formed, we have been promoting the economic, trade and investment between Cambodia and China for the purpose, committed to enhancing the understanding and communication between the business communities from both countries, expanding mutual investment and promoting the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. The Chamber has been actively implementing the strategies of Cambodia and China, held several communication and collaboration meetings for enterprises from both countries, and played a positive role in promoting bilateral economic, trade and investment relationships. The Chamber also focuses on forging Chamber image and shouldering social responsibilities. After the building collapsed in Sihanouk, the Chamber launched the donation instantly for victims. Supported by most of members, we finally received money up to 110,000 USD. This activity has been praised by Prime Minister Hun Sen in his Facebook. Recently, the Chamber and the General Department of Taxation in Cambodia (GDT) successfully co-hosted conference on Cambodia-China Tax Cooperation Mecha-nism, which established an effective communication platform for Chinese enterprises in Cambodia and GDT. The platform can not only push tax rules of law more popularized and clearer understood by Chinese taxpayers, help Chinese taxpayers to improve the ethic of taxpaying and comply with Cambodia tax laws, but also lead the GDT to pay close attention to the demands of Chinese taxpayers, care their financial situation, help Chinese enterprises to achieve sustainable development in Cambodia.

2019 also marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and China. The Chamber will keep its obligation in mind, not only serves as a bridge link for business cooperation, but also serves as a vital institution which provides communication platform in fields of humanity, society and economy. In future, the Chamber will continue to forge ahead, strengthen its service and dedication spirit, guide Chinese enterprises to unite and cooperate in harmony, lead Chinese enterprises to abide by laws and regulations in Cambodia and operate in safety. We will also call on Chinese enterprises to integrate into local communities, respect local culture, actively fulfill social responsibilities.

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