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Cellcard to focus on rewarding customers’ loyalty and activity

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Cellcard Club is the latest customer-focused innovation from the Khmer telecom giant. Cellcard

Proudly Khmer telecom giant Cellcard has today unveiled a new loyalty programme that seeks to reward customers for their allegiance to the brand. Cellcard Club officially launched today and is available free through the Cellcard app – the programme encourages customers to reach for the stars in order to gain exclusive discounts, benefits and even birthday presents.

With some 3 million subscribers registered nationwide, Cellcard has long been at the forefront of innovation within the telecommunications game and, after 22 years of operation, continue to thrive even as the market grows ever-more crowded.

Cellcard Club, far from simply being a reward scheme encouraging customers to spend more to save more, could also be viewed as a reflection of the maturing Cambodian consumer – one that brands recognise they must now do more to attract and retain.

Placing a value on customer loyalty, Cellcard Club offers members the chance to advance through the five tiers of membership, with each progressive stage multiplying the number of stars a customer receives for spending on Cellcard. Stars are the currency through which members of the Cellcard Club can obtain a range of rewards – prizes that are not limited merely to discounts on their mobile subscription, but extend far and wide across gyms, restaurants and services.

Starting at Entry Level, members of Cellcard Club will be rewarded for their activity on the network, meaning the more time spent on the phone, the faster the advancement to further levels. Each level progresses through a range of precious stones and metals, taking members through Iron Level, Ruby Level, Sapphire Level, before arriving at the logical pinnacle of Gold Level. Ascension to Gold Level goes far beyond the standard issue rewards and promises the members an array of perks including a dedicated service hotline, fast-track premium services and exclusive access to benefits from all Royal Group companies in Cambodia – including the Phnom Penh airport lounge.

This latest innovation from Cellcard comes following the company’s trial run of 5G services which promise to accelerate the digitalisation of Cambodia and push the Kingdom further towards Industry 4.0 ambitions.

Picking up an award and retaining its position at network leader, Cellcard won big at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain earlier this year for its continued commitment to the development of services. Cellcard CEO, Ian Watson, was among those present to receive the award this February and highlighted the potential value of digital transformation.

“We are not just catering for our customer’s current demand for data, but planning for the future of pre 5G and 5G data services where speed will be the game changer.

“We are very focused on our plans for 5G with a full range of products, services and vendors from across the globe.

“Cellcard, and Royal Group, is also accelerating our own internal digital transformation as we equip our employees with the tools, skills and resources needed for this very critical step-change,” Mr Watson said.

According to their website, Cellcard hopes to incorporate their development of 5G into big data, e-sims, smart cities, artificial intelligence and large-scale augmented and virtual reality, all of which holds potential for the ongoing digital revolution taking place in Cambodia.

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