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Mitigation policy aids more than 60,000 families

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KT/ Mom Cheysophon

The Social Affairs Ministry yesterday said the government has helped more than 60,000 impoverished families affected by natural disasters since it first launched its mitigation policy in 2014.

Lao Veng, deputy director of the ministry’s general technical department, said during a press conference at the Council of Ministers’ office yesterday that through the policy, the government has been able to provide food, supplies and accommodation to families.

“A total of 63,273 poor families affected by national disasters have been helped,” Mr Veng said, adding that the policy is also used to facilitate livelihoods with the aim of reducing poverty.

Meanwhile, Mr Veng said the government spends $3 million per year, with help from its NGO partners, to help disabled people.

“We have about 2,000 community help groups assisting disabled persons,” he said. “[The money] is from the national budget. We are using it to alleviate impoverished people who are disabled.”

He noted that so far this year, the government has distributed the funds to help a total of 11,993 disabled persons in 10 provinces.

Government spokesman Ek Tha yesterday said government initiatives and programmes, such as the National Social Security Fund and the mitigation policy, have been successful in tackling social welfare issues.

Mr Tha said about two million people have benefited from NSSF alone, thanks to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen has paid attention to improve livelihoods, peace, stability and economic development,” he said. “We are not leaving anyone behind.”

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