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Ministry forms committee as students protest exam results

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student complain
Students sign complaints to the Education Ministry. KT/Pann Rachana

The Education Ministry has formed a committee tasked with addressing complaints from students who failed the national high school exam and demanded a review of their grades.


A ministry press statement issued yesterday acknowledged that many students have protested the results of the exam and filed complaints requesting that the ministry recheck the results.

“In order to respond to the request and protest of some candidates over the results, the ministry has created a committee to examine and resolve the candidates’ complaints,” the statement said.

It added that the committee was formed in order to instil trust in the ministry among students and their guardians in the hopes that they will accept the exam results.

“In this case, some candidates have complained about failing, but some have also refused to accept that they have received a grade of B or C, and claim for a grade A,” it added.

Hundreds of students who failed the exam protested in front of the Education Ministry with their parents on Wednesday to demand a review of their results.

However, ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha said the ministry is confident there was no error during the evaluation process this year, as there was last year, and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport welcomes constructive criticism and responds as necessary.

The statement yesterday explained that the ministry implements a thorough procedure in running the Bac II exam, consisting of the examination itself, the marking of the exams and the summing of scores.

“Each stage has a highly strict and technical monitoring mechanism,” it said. “In order to ensure accuracy in the marking stage, the ministry has formed many technical committees, such as an answers committee, which consists of highly experienced lecturers, and exam papers are also reviewed by a technical committee.”

The statement added that each exam paper was marked in a confidential and fair manner by two professors.

“All candidates should remember that the examination results reflect three important factors. The first factor is that those who can do it correctly will pass. The second factor is that the exam was conducted fairly and with transparency,” it said. “The third factor is that the exam result is not a candidate’s destiny but a measure of ability and drive to keep going.”

Srey Pich, 18, a student from Beltei International School who failed her exam, yesterday said she was happy that the ministry has paid attention to her case as well as hundreds of other students.

“I expect that the ministry will solve the problem for us as soon as possible,” Ms Pich said.

She added that more students, both from the capital and provinces, will gather in front of the Education Ministry today to file more complaints to the ministry.

The Education Ministry on Monday released exam results, of which 79,052 students, or 68.62 percent of participants, received passing grades.

Last year, hundreds of complaints were filed by high school students who were dissatisfied with their mathematics results. The sheer amount of complaints filed prompted the ministry to create a committee to review the results.

After the review, the ministry boosted the amount of passing students from 75,059 to 76,034 after discovering a computer system error that led to miscalculations.

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