High School Exam: Triumph and repeat class for failures

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THE early announcement of the High School Exam results saw joy and despair while the screams of successful candidates echoed most high schools across the country this week.

Results came out positive with 68.62% (pass) from a total of 117,043 candidates, with a breakdown of: 443 A graders, 2,430 B graders, 5,847 C graders, 14,100 D graders, and 56,232 E graders. A total of 37,991 students failed.

A B Grader Rous Ramit said: “I would like to thank my parents who worked hard to support my studies. I am also grateful to all my teachers, from Grade 1 to Grade 12.”

With the ‘license’ granted to pursue higher education, Ramit said he wished to enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Next to Ramit was a crest-fallen Meng Sokpich who flunked the exam. He admitted to not paying attention in class and now have to take up a repeat class.

“It is the result of my own playfulness. I didn’t study hard when I was in Grade 10 and 11 and only focused when I was in Grade 12 but (by then) I couldn’t understand most of the lessons.

“I’m sorry to my parents and teachers who tried to teach and motivate me. My result is not good this year, but I won’t give up and make amends for a better one next year.”


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