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Students demand exam rechecks

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Students who failed the national exam sign complaints to the Education Ministry yesterday. KT/Tep Sony

Hundreds of students who failed the national high school exam gathered in front of the Education Ministry with their parents yesterday to demand a review of their results.

However, even though a recheck was done last year following a tallying error, a ministry spokesman said it will not be done again this year.

Ngin Sofiya, a student from Preah Sisowath High School, yesterday said she wants the ministry to re-evaluate her exam sheets because she is confident she passed.

“We came to the ministry today because we are not happy,” Ms Sofiya said. “We cannot accept the results of the examination.”

She added that she answered all mathematics and history questions, but failed regardless.

“We all came to ask Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron to check our results again because we are sure that we passed. The results we received were unacceptable,” Ms Sofiya said. “I do not think I am a poor student, and my teachers do not believe I failed.”

Chrung Chanpich Bormey, a student from Russei Keo High School, said she’s confident she at least scored 90 percent on the mathematics portion of the exam.

“I am sure that I did well and I must have passed,” Ms Chanpich Bormey said. “I do not know why I failed. It’s not only me, but it has also happened to my friends. We want the ministry to recheck our scores.”

Last year, hundreds of complaints were filed by high school students who were dissatisfied with their mathematics results. The sheer amount of complaints filed prompted the ministry to create a committee to review the results.

After the review, the ministry boosted the amount of passing students from 75,059 to 76,034 after discovering a computer system error that led to miscalculations.

According to the ministry on Monday, 79,052 students received passing grades this year, while a total of 37,991 students failed.

Mr Naron on August 19 said he examined a new system to calculate the scores of candidates to avoid repeating the mistake that occurred last year.

Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha yesterday said the ministry is confident there was no error during the evaluation process this year.

“The Ministry of Education will not review test papers as it did in 2018,” Mr Soveacha said. “The ministry understands the emotions of candidates and their families after receiving the results of the Bac II exam.”

“The accuracy and effectiveness of exam procedures this year comes from the cooperation of all stakeholders, especially [the scoring committee],” he said.

Dara, the mother of a student who failed the exam, yesterday said she came to the ministry to demand the same thing as the other students.

“I want the ministry to recheck or recalculate the exam score for my son,” Ms Dara said. “I am not asking for much, I just want the ministry to correct my son’s answer sheets again because I believed in my son.”

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