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Capital police urged to work with national cops

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
Officers attend the meeting yesterday. National Police

The National Police during a meeting yesterday urged law enforcement officers in Phnom Penh to step up against crime in the capital to ensure public safety for residents and tourists.


The meeting was presided over by National Police deputy chiefs Lieutenant General In Bora and General Him Yan. It was attended by National and Phnom Penh police officers.

According to a report published after the meeting, police in Phnom Penh have so far this month solved 50 out of 63 identified criminal cases, which resulted in the arrests of 64 suspects.

According to the report, Lt Gen Bora told Phnom Penh police to work together with the National Police.

“Police officers must join together to prevent all crimes to maintain security and public order for residents and tourists,” he said.

Lieutenant General Ngeng Chou, director of the National Police’s penal department, yesterday said police officers in Phnom Penh must account for every suspect and detail what they are accused of.

“Police officers must identify all suspects involved in stealing, robbing and drug-trafficking and using so that the court can issue arrest warrants,” Lt Gen Chou said.

Lieutenant General Sar Thet, chief of Phnom Penh police, yesterday said crimes in the capital have decreased over the past few months because of cooperation with the National Police.

“Crimes occurred in Phnom Penh, but if we compare [this year] with the past, we can see that crimes have decreased because we created a commission [with the National Police],” Lt Gen Thet said.

He said that through the commission, Phnom Penh police can work with the National Police’s penal department and hold monthly meetings to find solutions.

“Police officials must cooperate to crack down on crimes,” Lt Gen Thet said. “We must work hard to prevent crime.”

“Residents must inform police if they see a crime being committed in their area,” he added.

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