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South Korea rates Cambodian workers highly

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Heng Sour, fifth from right, joins a group photo in Seoul. MOL

South Korea’s Labour Ministry has rated Cambodian migrant workers as the best among their foreign counterparts in that country.

The Human Resources Development Service of Korea, also highly rated the Kingdom’s ability to efficiently send its workers to South Korea compared with 15 other countries which provide migrant labour to the country.

The other countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Timor Leste, Myanmar, and Laos.

HRD Korea’s findings were revealed on Sunday during the annual Employment Permit System conference, involving all the countries which supply labour to South Korea.

Heng Sour, Labour Ministry spokesman who represented the Kingdom at the conference in Seoul, yesterday said that during the meeting, each country outlined their procedures for sending workers to South Korea.

“Cambodia emerged on top among the 16 countries for sending its workers with the least delay,” he said. “HRD Korea compared criteria, including the time taken to send the workers and the number of workers who illegally switch jobs while in the country during the first three months.”

Mr Sour said that Cambodian officials are able to process the workers’ documentation and send them to South Korea within 41 days from the time they sign a contract compared with an average of 48 days taken by the other countries.

He noted that only four percent of Cambodian workers were found to have illegally switched jobs while in South Korea during the first three months of employment.

Mr Sour added that during the first six months of this year, only 14 percent of Cambodian workers were found to be undocumented compared with more than 15 percent from the other countries.

He also noted that Cambodian workers were found to be thrifty and able to save money to send home compared with workers from the other countries.

“Unlike some other countries, Cambodia does not require its migrant workers to deposit money or have their families guarantee repayment to the government in case they fail to return to the Kingdom when their contract is over,” Mr Sour said. “We have the lowest number of illegal workers in South Korea.”

“It’s a national honour that our workers have shown the host country that they abide by its labour laws and do not come there to work illegally,” he added. “This is because we impress on our workers to focus on doing a good job and to follow regulations.”

A recent Labour Ministry report said that from January till August this year, there are 54,319 Cambodians, 11,720 of whom are women, currently working in South Korea.

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