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Minimum wage negotiations stall over $15 between Unions and employers 

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
The ministry spokesman Heng Sour led a meeting of minimum wage on Friday. Labor Ministry

The National Committee for Minimum Wage of Labor Ministry today released a statement, presenting two different figures of minimum wage increase for workers in garment and footwear sector in 2020.

A statement issued after a meeting on September 6, the Labor Ministry said that unions have demanded a $199 monthly minimum garment wage and the employers have provided $184. The meeting is scheduled to continue on September 12, the ministry said.

The ministry spokesman Heng Sour said the gap of figures offered by unions and employers is $15 and both parties provided different reasons to support their claims.

“Both parties came up with different figures. They have different reasons based on seven evaluating conditions we agreed up earlier,” he said. “I believe both parties are now figuring out ways to have a conclusion upcoming meeting.”

Som Oun, president of the National Union Alliance Chamber of Cambodia, urged employers to provide maximum benefits for the workers, which will be acceptable for all parties.

“I hope that employers could increase [wage] a bit more and unions could come up with a slight decrease,” he said. “We do hope.”

Minimum wage negotiations between employers, the government and unions began on August 29 and are expected to end before September 25.

The government has increased the minimum wage for garment workers every year since 2014. The 2019 minimum wage was set at $182 a month, an increase of $12 when compared to last year’s $170.

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