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Being a middle-class, working woman in the 21st Century is not a walk in the park, something most men will never understand. You need to spend one-third of your day on your work and another quarter around the house, living room and kitchen. Your busy schedule, however, cannot stop you from being La Belle in your own way. Our fashion guru Va Sonyka and photojournalist Taing Rinith give a presentation that you can still ‘dress to kill’ during working hours.   

Classic OL with patterns

You do not need to be the centre of attention in the office, yet it is still important to stand out to show you care about your appearance, the criteria of first impression that people tend to judge you from. For an office lady, nothing beats the business of casual outfits: a black skirt with a hemline at or just above the knees and a well-suited blouse. The colour and pattern of the blouse should fit your working environment, including your office wall, desk and task (see pic). Small changes and accessories, such as rolled-up sleeve and bracelets, spice up quite well.

Dressed to close a deal

If you are in a department like sales and marketing, communication and distribution, going out to meet potential clients is a ‘must’ in your job. You can go out confidently wearing your office outfit with a jacket because the crucial part of winning the deal is to impress your client while maintaining your level of professionalism. A dress is better for such an occasion. There are many types of dress (shift, bodycon, A-line, wrap, etc) but the key is that you have to understand which ones can help you to show the best part of your figure and avoid being too splashy. If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, don’t forget to bring an office jacket with you. Many men want to be gentlemanly and ask you whether they can hang it up for you!

Free-spirited freelancer

To all introverted freelancers out there, you cannot ignore your fashion even though you only need to work from your room or studio in your house. If your mom visits you of the blue and catch you in a torn t-shirt and dirty pants, she would agonise at her own failure to, “I thought I raised you to be a young lady”. We recommend loose, satin shirt and pants, which allows you to work comfortably while being fashionable in your own way. You also have no problem wearing them to get a cup of noodle from a minimart when you’ve gone over this month’s budget.

J&T for an outdoor enthusiast

Jobs such as a photographer, journalist, film director, researcher and so on require you to be outdoors all day. There is nothing that eases your travel better than the tomboyish t-shirt and jeans. Old-fashioned, you say? No, it’s not. This is timeless and shows off how confident you can look, with clothes that fit you perfectly and your hair tied up. Adding a scarf to loop a belt would make you look more authoritatively on the street looking like “She’s the real man!”

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