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Summer of discontent in Cambodia

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CAMBODIA is a hot and humid country located in the tropical region of Southeast Asia. The country has two main seasons: rainy and dry season.


The rainy season or known as cropping season starts from mid-July until the end of November. It’s the prime time for rice farmers throughout the country who are otherwise kept waiting for almost a year to start their crop due to lack of a public irrigation system. Between August to September, the showers of blessing pour almost every day to fill the rice fields.

The dry spell descends from December until June, longer than the rainy season. During the dry season, the heat can reach scorching temperatures of 40 degrees Centigrade where some regions in Cambodia face the worse drought. However, some occasional rain brings relief during the dry season.

Due to climate change, making the weather forecast for rainy and dry seasons can be an abject failure.

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