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Derry Girls: The perfect comedy to stream this weekend

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The Derry Girls seconds before they get into one of their misadventures. EW

THEY became a hit in Ireland and there’s a good reason why this TV series deserves all the attention and acclaim. Derry Girls revolves around a bunch of Irish girls with the addition of an English lad (who by the end of the series 2 officially accepts himself as a Derry Girl) in a town called Derry in Northern Ireland.

The cheeky portrayal of a bunch of self-absorbed individuals is sure to crack up your weekend. The sitcom created by Lisa McGee, who is Northern Irish herself, loosely bases the plot based on her own experience growing up in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The show, while hilarious through a series of different happenings in each episode, is also very much aware of that particular era’s crisis in the 1990s. The unruly bunch is made up of cast members Saoirse-Monica Jackson who plays Erin, Louisa Harland who plays Erin’s erratic cousin Orla, Nicola Coughlan as Clare and they are joined by Jamie Lee O’Donnell as Michelle, Dylan Llewellyn as James, Michelle’s English cousin who is also the only male in an all-girls school.

The first episode of Season 1 successfully establishes the show’s era and environment without wasting any time. The characters are introduced swiftly, leading the audience into the unexpected trouble the bunch gets into.

The sort of wry humour that plays out in Derry Girls is showcased through scenes, like for instance when Erin tries to be an ‘individual’ by putting on denim jacket over her uniform which is quickly dismissed by her mother. Clare who realises that Erin isn’t sticking with the plan, quickly wusses out of the idea of being an individual without her friend tagging along with the said plan.

James and Erin wade miserably through another day of school. EW

Each episode takes on different troubles that the bunch gets into, and serving a consistent level of hilarity throughout both seasons.

The show successfully delivers hilarious takes on self-absorbed rebellious girls who are joined by other casts of the show who portray parents and fellow residents of Derry.

Tara Lynne as Mary, Erin’s disciplinarian mother, with Tommy Tiernan as Gerry who shares a strain but comical relationship with his father in law, Granda Joe, who is played by Ian McElhinney.

Kathy Clarke plays Aunt Sarah who plays the dim-witted aunt to Erin and mother to Orla.

A recurring cast who is able to inject humour in every scene she appears in is Siobhan McSweeney who plays a strict headmistress of the school, Sister Michael.

The show holds a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as 8.3 on IMDb. Both seasons of Derry Girls can be streamed on Netflix with production of season 3 currently underway.

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