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Infrastructure overhaul coming to Sihanoukville

Sok Nalik / Khmer Times Share:
Provincial Governor Kuoch Chamroeun reviews infrastructure plans. Provincial Hall

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has highlighted three urgent measures to solve infrastructure woes in Preah Sihanouk province, which is facing challenges amid rapid development.

The ministry highlighted measures focusing on roads and drainage systems in the province following a meeting with the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia on Wednesday.

According to a statement issued after the meeting, the first measure stipulates the need to restore five streams within the drainage system as well as maintain existing sewers in order to prevent flooding in the province.

“The ministry and authorities must be strict, and buildings found to have been built on a drainage stream must be taken down,” it noted. “For large buildings, owners have to construct a drainage ditch under the concrete infrastructure.”

The second measure includes speeding up repairs to 22 sections of roads across the province.

“The team responsible for the studies on the repairs must re-evaluate expenses due to recent changes triggered by floods, rain and road violations,” it said.

It added the studies must also look into ways to expand and improve roads to prevent traffic congestion, including on National Road 4, before it is submitted to the government.

The last measure focuses on designing a master plan, including on drainage expansion as well as other physical infrastructure needs.

The statement said the province has been facing a number of infrastructure issues along with ongoing development, such as road damages and contaminated water.

It noted that about 25,000 cubic metres of contaminated water passed through the provincial drainage systems per day in 2018. That number is estimated to reach 47,000 cubic metres by 2023 and 64,000 cubic metres by 2030.

Provincial Hall spokesman Kheang Phearum yesterday said that local authorities have taken note of the measures highlighted by the ministry.

“I don’t know when they will be implemented, as some plans are still being studied. But it will begin soon,” Mr Phearum said.

“The rain has continued to fall in the province, so some of the work will depend on the weather,” he added. “National and local authorities absolutely want to work on this as soon as possible.”

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