Amazon rainforest – area gutted bigger than Cambodia

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THE Amazon, known as the lungs of earth is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers 5.5 million square kms over several countries, with half of it in Brazil and the rest overlapping Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

The Amazon is an oxygen machine producing 20 percent of earth’s oxygen. Regrettably, the home for billions in biodiversity is now threatened by a raging fire, a current concern worldwide. If razed ground reaches the point of no return, the dried savanna would be emitting carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. Climate change experts had earlier forecast that a 3 degree Centigrade rise in world temperature by year 2010 would wipe out 75% of the Amazon rainforest.

According to the National Geographic, Amazon has lost its own territory, ceding around 17 percent over the past 50 years. The dimension of the Amazon’s loss equals to more than five times the size of the Cambodia mainland.

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