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Marvel to what maketh a Super Woman

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:

A WOMAN born with beauty is a lucky woman, but those who transform into a big success in life with all her might is a Super Woman. Today, mere beauty is no longer an element that a woman can’t live without.

In modern society, women are encouraged to find their inner strength and uniqueness to carve a niche for a life that she wants, said Sreng Naihuy, project director of ‘Yes I Can’ and an organiser of ‘Super Woman’ season 2.

Aiming to motivate local people as to the values of a woman, a student group known as ‘Yes I Can’ organised the ‘Super Women season 2’ event on Sunday at National Institute of Education, attracting more than 400 participants to attend and listening to the experiences of various women guest speakers.

“A popular question from the youth group is how to succeed in a career or business? Meanwhile, the top question from the middle age group is how to find happiness in family life?” said Naihuy.

“Most of the women who come from the provinces used to believe that they can rely on her husband’s wealth so they don’t have to think a lot,” observed Naihuy, adding that now it’s time to think — in contrast.

Aside from natural beauty, a woman has to build up knowledge which is a basic need in life. Then women also have to improve themselves, starting from the ability to choose the right major for university, to managing a business, and to deal with family issues and so forth.

It is the second round of the Super Women seasons in Cambodia. Super Women season 1 was staged in 2017. Not only are women welcome to attend the Super Women series, to make a stand on gender equality, ‘Supermen’ are also highly encouraged to attend, listen and ask questions to guest speakers during the Q&A session.

by Srey Kumneth

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