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King offers Prayut moral support

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BANGKOK (Bangkok Post) – Thailand’s King on Tuesday issued a written message of support for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cabinet ministers to carry out their duties in line with their oath of office.

The prime minister and his ministers received the message in turn before a portrait of His Majesty in the Command Building at Government House.

After the ceremony, Gen Prayut displayed a framed copy of the King’s signed message to reporters.

The message is the speech that His Majesty gave to cabinet ministers led by Gen Prayut following their oath-taking during the swearing-in ceremony at Ambara Villa in Dusit Palace on July 16.

In the speech, His Majesty the King said: “I would like to offer my best wishes and moral support to you all. May you be blessed with confidence and determination to carry out your duties in line with the oath you made for the happiness and security of the country and the people.

“Each job has its obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, problem-solving is normal so the governing of the country can proceed smoothly.

“It is necessary to tackle the core problems and be strong and patient. I wish the cabinet ministers moral support and strength to perform your duties properly with righteousness,” the monarch said.

The ceremony came after Gen Prayut found himself in hot water for failing to recite the final sentence of Section 161 of the charter, which requires the oath-taker to uphold and abide by the constitution, in the July 16 oath-taking ceremony.

The Office of the Ombudsman decided to forward a complaint about the failure of Prayut and his cabinet ministers to recite the complete oath of office to the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court will on Sept 18 rule on whether Gen Prayut was qualified to become prime minister.

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