Logistics master plan ready for submission

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A master plan to tackle Cambodia’s need to expand its logistical capacities to accommodate a growing population and economic growth has been finalised and is ready to be submitted to relevant ministries for approval.

Entitled the Logistics Master Plan Development, it was drafted by the Ministry of Transport’s logistics general department, Jica and the World Bank.

It was first drafted with the aim to optimise the country’s logistics sector to focus on the development of three main international border gates in three provinces that account for the flow of 90 percent of goods into the country.

In the master plan, three economic corridors are to become key national corridors through the construction of highways and setup of effective logistical systems.

The plan aims to link and optimise logistics between the capital and Sihanoukville port, as well as the Bavet and Poipet international checkpoints.

Sanui Kazumasa, an expert with Jica, said that the expansion of logistics is vital to the country.

“There are many opportunities for economic growth, but there are also threats at the same time,” Mr Sanui said.

He said that it is imperative that Cambodia keep up with dynamic economic changes by optimising its logistics sector through infrastructure.

“Economic growth and the increase in population and trade between countries plays a factor.

So logistics of the country must also be expanded, which means that border gates will need to be broadened,” Mr Sanui said.

Chhieng Pich, director general of the logistical department at the Ministry of Transport, said he was confident that the implementation of the plan will have a positive effect.

“We hope that the master plan is put into practice so we can continue to improve our logistical capabilities on a micro and macro level,” he said. “With the new master plan, transport costs could drastically be reduced.”

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