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Manu Rajan takes over Wing’s leadership

Jose Rodriguez T. Senase / Khmer Times Share:
Manu Rajan, Wing’s new CEO. Wing

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank, Cambodia’s leading mobile banking services provider, has a new person at the helm.

Royal Group, Wing’s parent company, announced this week the appointment of Manu Rajan as Wing’s new CEO.

Mr Rajan replaces Jojo Malolos, who is moving back to his home country, the Philippines. Mr Malolos, who has served as Wing’s CEO since 2016, will remain board director and advisor to the company.

“Mr Rajan takes the reins of the operations which continue to expand both in transactions and partnerships,” the announcement read.

Launched in 2009, Wing has become the number one mobile banking services provider in the Kingdom. According to Wing, it has more than 6,000 agents nationwide catering to more than 3 million customers that use the network regularly. Every year, the company processes 60-70 million transactions worth more than $10 billion.

Wing is also a major player in Cambodia’s effort to become a cashless economy in the next few years.

“Mr Rajan has been key to the company’s continued growth and success. He will bring further innovation to the operation as it delivers its vision to provide financial inclusion to all in Cambodia,” it added.

Mr Rajan, who is from India, brings in a wealth of experience and knowledge as he takes the reins of Wing.

According to his LinkedIn account, Mr Rajan has held top positions in multiple telecommunications and mobile banking companies across Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Mr Rajan has been the chief financial officer (CFO) of Wing since December 2018.

Before coming to Cambodia, Mr Rajan worked as marketing officer for MTN, a telecommunications operator, in Liberia and Zambia.

He also held top positions for Bharti Airtel Ltd, an Indian telecommunications giant, in Ghana and Kenya.

Between his stints in Africa, he worked for more than a year in Papua New Guinea as commercial director for Digicel Group, a leading telecommunications provider in the region.

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