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Underrated Heritage Buildings Photo Exhibition

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
Underrated Heritage

A batch of heritage building photos from 50 different locations throughout the country had been put on display in a three-day photo exhibition on Saturday at Factory Phnom Penh. The heritage building watcher group ‘Amazing Cambodia’ who hosted the exhibition says the exhibition serves as a medium to disseminate information and knowledge about the richness of ancient architecture around the country since the sixties and that the public should be made aware before it’s gone. The heritage buildings displayed in the exhibition have come along with the history and background written below each photo, showing the value of each building that the young generation should discover. With the 50 buildings displayed in the exhibition, Srin Sokmean, the founder of ‘Amazing Cambodia’ still has more heritage buildings’ photos to be displayed in future events and believes that there are many hidden heritage buildings across the country that he hasn’t discovered.

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