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Easier and More Confident with PRASAC’s Nationwide Branch Network and Modern Technology


PRASAC is seen as the largest microfinance in Cambodia with fastest growth in the market as this potential financial institution is expanding its branch offices throughout the country.

Till now, PRASAC has become the financial institution with the largest branch network in Cambodia and provides convenience to clients in receiving financial services for their growth.

Besides offering the services at branch offices, PRASAC also provides Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services that allow customers to easily perform self-banking service operations via mobile phone and computer at anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, clients are able to make cash withdrawal and manage the cash with PRASAC ATM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President of PRASAC, said that the offer of variety of choices of financial products and the modernization of PRASAC’s digital technology is to respond the clients’ need and to get closer to clients. This is PRASAC’s commitment and hard work to serve clients better and more conveniently including loans, deposits, cash management, fund transfer and bill payments.

Mr. Sony also expressed his thanks to clients for supporting and using PRASAC financial services.

Please kindly note that PRASAC provides a variety of financial services such as loans, deposits, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, transfer, money exchange, phone top-up, payroll service, fast payment, ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking​, and Bank Confirmation service throughout Cambodia.

For any inquiry: www.prasac.com.kh

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