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An “object” of the past

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:
Kim Hak, a full-time photographer, who started “Alive” series in 2014, standing before his photos at the exhibit.

Kim Hak, an artist from Battambang province, put on exhibit, a photo collection entitled “Alive” in Bophana Center. The exhibition is open to the public for a month, from August 1-31, 2019. “Alive” is a series of photos which were compiled since 2014. The purpose of the exhibit is to keep alive the memory of the people who survived the Khmer Rouge regime by capturing on camera,  the “objects” which were used during that painful era. Hak says that it is important to preserve the heritage of the past and pass it on to the future generations, lest they forget history. Hak’s masterpieces were exhibited in Cambodia and were also put on display in Australia in 2015 and New Zealand in 2018. Throughout his journey, he says he met Cambodians who had survived the genocidal regime and that they told him of their own very personalised and unique stories of pain and suffering from the past. He documented their personal “objects” that they were not able to let go during the regime’s reign of terror and in the refugee camps. All these photographs and “objects” are the evidence of the past, captured on camera.

One of the guests at the exhibit.
The photos at “Alive” which exhibits significant object of the past.
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