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What’s up Frisbee …

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Spirit of negotiation
Lane Dinasobognchata, 16

I choose to play frisbee, because this sport is a sport that every girl or woman can play, everyone is welcome. The spirit of the game is what’s important, it’s all about your spirit of negotiating while having problems in the field, and your eagerness to communicate and compromise.
The benefits I get from playing ultimate frisbee is getting to know a lot of people from the ultimate community, have a chance to go aboard, work together as team, gender equality, liberty to speak when I have a misunderstanding in the field, and understanding the spirit of the game.

Lane Dinamoyura, 19

I prefer to play frisbee, because personally, it is one of the best team sports. I can freely join and reach out to my ultimate team whenever I am in other countries, unlike football. I am always happy on the field because of the spirit of the game. I don’t feel afraid or pressured by anyone when I make mistake on the field like drop a disc, run into double team or hit somebody incidentally. I find equality among the players and I also get to meet new players from other teams. I often get to meet foreigners and communicate with them.

 I think Frisbee can help me with:

1. understand playing a tenancy and togetherness of a team.
2. understand spirit of the game.
3. equality and independence
4. confident and respect
5. integrity
6. travelling
7. experience new culture
8. understand ultimate frisbee community from other countries
9. always making new friends
10. always fun, enjoyable, exhausted but keep running.

No fights like in football
Amrindr Amrakreach, 20

I used to play football before I was introduced to ultimate frisbee by a close friend. The thing I find intriguing about ultimate frisbee is that it’s a less aggressive sport in comparison to football. I don’t see a lot of fights or tension among the players like I see in football or other sports.
Frisbee helps me spiritually. It aids me in seeking the difference between right and wrong and learn to be responsible for my mistakes. It teaches me not to cheat or try to advance over other people when playing the sport. I just play by the rules. It also creates communication and interaction among the players, both locally and internationally.

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