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Browse the Webs, Improve Your English

In your grandfather’s or father’s time, one needed to buy thick, expensive dictionaries and other books to read and improve your English. But in today’s hi-tech world that we live in, which is dominated by smartphone and the internet, the opportunity to learn how to speak and write the global language lies at your fingertips. In this edition, we are going to introduce our young readers to several websites that you can rely on to boost your English language skill.

1. Ant Dict


On top of our list is a website which is very useful for Cambodian speakers, especially those who want to improve their translation skills or become a professional English-Khmer translator. Created by ANT Technology Training School, Ant Dict is an online English-Khmer dictionary as well as an encyclopedia of technical words and phrases in a number of fields such as business and law. What is special about this website, apart from more than 300,000 detailed definitions, is that you can type either Khmer or English in a single search box, and it will give the translation or explanation for it in another language. This feature makes it convenient and also help English speakers in learning Khmer.

2. Free Collocation


Collocation, in the study of languages, refers to a group of two or words that “usually go together”. For example, it is always ‘make a cup of tea’, not ‘Cook a cup of coffee’. Free Collocation, meanwhile, is a unique online dictionary in which you can find word collocations, including noun, adjectives, verbs, adverb, units and quantity, preposition and common phrases. The free website can help students study, write and speak natural-sounding English effectively.




Imagine reading a one-page newspaper article or listening to a speech, in which a single word appears more than 20 times. Do you like it? Well, no one does. That’s why you should know how to wisely use a synonym, a word or phrase that has the same or similar meaning to another word, and an antonym, a word or phrase opposite in meaning to another.
A Thesaurus is a book that lists words in groups of synonyms, antonyms, and related concepts. is an online version of that, plus a number of extra features such as Crosswords, Quizzes and so on.

4. 4Tests


Ok, Students! We have suggested some useful website to improve your English language competency, and now it is time to put your skills to the test. How? By taking an English language test, focus. 4Test is a site where you can practise doing international tests, such as TOFEL and TOEIC for free. It is an ideal way to measure your improvement as well as to prepare for a real test. Still feel nervous? The website also provides some tips to achieve a high score.


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