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Sar Kheng marks World Population Day with reminder

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:

Interior Minister Sar Kheng yesterday said the government will continue to ensure all Cambodians benefit from the country’s development, noting no one will be left behind.


Mr Kheng made the statement while marking World Population Day. This year’s theme was “25 years of the International Conference on Population and Development”.

He said the government recently created a number of national policies and programmes to improve public service, education and healthcare for all Cambodians, especially women and girls.

“We must work hard to achieve the universal sustainable development goals in 2030 by ensuring that no one is left behind,” Mr Kheng said. “I would like to express the government’s strong commitment that it will support and implement programmes at the ICPD.”

According to Mr Kheng, a Cambodian delegation will go to Nairobi in Kenya in November to attend an ICPD summit and meet world leaders of other nations in order to reiterate the Kingdom’s commitment in supporting and implementing sustainable development programmes.

He said that all government officials must closely cooperate with development partners and address people’s concerns, adding that officials must also ensure sufficient public health services.

Planning Minister Chhay Than yesterday said the country has made achievements in reducing poverty and youth mortality. Mr Than also said that the Kingdom has successfully elevated the rate of adult literacy.

“Although we have done a lot, there are still problems ahead in many sectors, including health and education,” he said. “We must work together to promote and ensure that everyone can access public services.”

“I am confident that we can strengthen and promote the development cooperation to be even better and actively aim to reach our goal and create a world where no one is left behind or forgotten,” Mr Than added.

Rizvina de Alwis, a representative of the United Nations Population Fund, yesterday said ICPD is about giving the power of choice back to the people. Ms de Alwis said it is also about making informed life-changing decisions.

“Without reproductive health and rights, there cannot be sustainable development,” she said. “Without ICPD, sustainable development goals will be unattainable.”

Ms de Alwis noted that 25 years ago, at an ICPD summit in Cairo, 179 governments, including Cambodia, agreed that population and development are linked.

She said women’s empowerment, education, and reproductive health are necessary for both individual advancement and sustainable development.

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday marked World Population Day by ordering government officials to address all concerns raised by the public and to commit to the development goals and leave no one behind.

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