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Japanese trainers to improve migrant caregivers

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Labour Minister Ith Samheng during a meeting with JCIA director Yamada Fumio on Tuesday. Facebook

In order to increase the amount of qualified Cambodian caregivers in Japan, the Japan Cambodia Interactive Association is planning to send trainers to help build their capacity here in the Kingdom’s Posen Chey Social Development Centre.

JCIA director Yamada Fumio told Labour Minister Ith Samheng during a meeting on Tuesday that the number of Cambodian caregivers in Japan is miniscule, and that Japanese seniors are in need of more.

“The training at the Posen Chey Social Development Centre in Phnom Penh has been smooth, but the number of trainees sent to Japan is still small,” he said.

In order to meet the demand, Mr Yamada said his organisation will send more Japanese trainers to increase the capacity of local caregivers.

Mr Yamada said the trainers will focus on healthcare in order to select and send more Cambodians to Japan.

Hou Vudthy, undersecretary of state with the Labour Ministry, said he supported Mr Yamada’s wishes.

“Minister Ith Samheng welcomed and supported Mr Yamada’s request to allow JCIA to provide more skills training for our [Cambodian] trainees,” Mr Vudthy said, noting that Mr Samheng told Mr Yamada to take care of Cambodian caregivers in Japan.

Mr Vudthy noted that Cambodian migrants go to Japan to either work or receive training.

He said that so far, about 8,000 Cambodian trainees and workers have been sent to Japan.

Additionally, Mr Yamada praised Cambodian caregivers who work in Japan for their diligence and satisfying work.

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