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Health officials warn parents of dengue fever

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:

Health officials are calling on the parents to bring their children to a state hospital, not private clinics, if they show symptoms of dengue fever, as more cases are being recorded so far this year.

Huy Rekol, director of the National Centre for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control, yesterday said during a press conference at the National Paediatric Hospital that parents have to quickly send their children to seek medical treatment if they show symptoms of dengue fever.

Mr Rekol said parents should refrain from medicating their own children using medication obtained in pharmacies.

“Please everyone, try not to buy medicine at the market to cure your children’s fever – take time to see if temperatures will reduce – stop doing this,” he said. “If you make them take medicine to reduce a fever and it doesn’t work, don’t give them any more medicine. You have to hurry and get them treated at a state hospital within 48 hours.”

Mr Rekol said medication not prescribed by doctors could affect the lives of children.

“Parents have to discuss with doctors in order to get a prescription for the right medication to treat dengue fever,” he said. “Do not continue to treat dengue fever in private clinics because we do not know whether they’re knowledgeable enough to treat dengue fever. Do not try to do it in private clinics.”

He noted the Health Ministry has estimated that cases of dengue fever could rise to 50,000 this year, adding that the CNM has prepared 67,000 packs of serum for patients.

“We prepared this to prepare for outbreaks of dengue this year,” Mr Rekol said. “We have to follow that slogan: ‘my house has no larvae, my house is a good example’.”

He said it is difficult to eliminate dengue fever because it is caused by mosquitoes and the virus.

He noted that there have been 13,000 cases of dengue fever this year, killing 24 children.

Nhep Angkeabos, head of the National Paediatric Hospital, yesterday said that cases of dengue fever can be reduced when people understand how to prevent the disease and protect themselves.

“Most of the families who come to get treatment services in our hospital understand about the disease and I want to take this opportunity to apologise to patients who receive services late because we have so many patients every day,” Mr Angkeabos said, adding that the NPH is aiming to recruit more health officials to help patients.

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