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Indian company seeks cooperation in vocational training

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Minister of Labour Ith Samheng meet with Rajneesh Kanotra, chief of marketing with Centum Learning Ltd. MOL

A company from India is seeking cooperation with the Labour Ministry to provide vocational skill training for out of school students in Cambodia.

Yesterday, Labour Minister Ith Samheng met with Rajneesh Kanotra, chief of the marketing relations department at Centum Learning, to discuss the company’s proposal.

Centum Learning has experience in developing the vocational education sector over the past seven years and it wishes to cooperate with the government to provide lower secondary school students and drop outs with skills to boost their employability.

Mr Samheng said he welcomed the company, and expressed wishes to establish cooperation.

He noted that Cambodia and India have had good relations since ancient times, and that today there are many demographic, religious, and customary similarities between the two peoples.

“I had reviewed the history of the company’s operation and I praise its success,” Mr Samheng said. “I express intent of cooperating with the Indian company to develop technical and vocational training in Cambodia.”

“I really want India to have a presence in the field with General Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training,” he added.

Mr Kanotra said Centum Learning has worked to develop vocational training and skill development in India and in Africa.

He said now the company wants to do the same for the Kingdom.

“We focus on youths who are studying at the lower secondary level and youths who have abandoned their education,” he said. “A ninth grade student who gets this training from our company can get a decent job in technology, tourism, finance, and so on.”

According to Mr Samheng, the GDTVET officials will discuss the cooperation further.

He noted that Cambodia’s work force is 10 million strong and that more than 500,000 people enter the labour market annually.

However, Cambodia still lacks the capabilities to provide training to all of them, Mr Samheng said, noting that the government will need national and international partners to help develop the sector.

“The purpose of this cooperation is consistent with the situation in which Cambodia is in need of processing further information,” Mr Samheng said. “I told company representatives that the government has welcomed this cooperation.”

Mr Kanotra said Centum Learning could share its experience in developing professionals with Cambodia if the government wants to increase the capacity of its trainers.

In February, the Ministries of Education and Labour worked with Unesco to launch the Basic Education Equivalence Programme to provide alternative education to drop outs in order to prepare them for decent employment opportunities.

So far, 990 students have registered online, while 125 have enrolled.

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