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PPCBank’s soft approach towards sustainable CSR

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Ratanak is an IT graduate from AEU. After graduating,  he started a job as a data entry staff that earned him an  income of 100$ per month in a private company. During his time working there, he was abused and discriminated and  was always treated as an  outcast from any conversation or discussion because he could not hear. He was hurt, and disappointed. Subsequently, two of his co-workers signed  papers requesting the  management to ask Ratanak to leave the work place because it was hard to communicate with him as he is deaf. He was compelled to  leave the company.

Although in despair, a small hope shed through, when he was introduced to Socials Coffee by Krousar Thmei an NGO for orphanage. He’s been working at Socials Coffee for one year as a barista at the  head branch at Oureussei Socials Coffee. Due to his hard work, within three months, he got promoted to be the head of Socials Coffee Ourressei Branch.

“Before he was a mere disabled person who got discriminated and bullied by his co workers. Now he is in a happy place and feels more valued by his team and the co founder, Mr. Swapnil.

“He is  feeling more confident, happy and satisfied that he is  able to work and communicate with people in the workplace and wants to work longer with Socials Coffee. He feels  so grateful for Swapnil’s work and Socials Coffee Family as a whole.

As a bank, we cherish the result of our contribution in making one’s life brighter, better and become more meaningful with values being recognized and encouraged to be treasured by  society. PPCBank will continue our partnership with Socials Coffee in the years to come; for more  Cambodian citizens with  sharp potentials like Ratanak, when  given a chance to contribute to society, will help to  eventually eliminate  the inferiority complex of disabled citizens in Cambodian society as a whole.


PPCBank has been collaborating with Khmer Sight Foundation under a project called “New Vision” since 2017, and we will continue our firm support and long lasting encouragement to the Foundation for the sustainable growth and development of Cambodia. Health care is a major factor to be taken care of.

Here is a touching story from Srey Roth, one of the patients:

Attached above is a photo of Srey Roth, an 18 years old girl from Tbong Khmom, who  suffered from cross-eye defect since birth. After her strabismus (cross-eye) surgery was completed, she excitedly bursts into tears. “Before the surgery, I was cross-eyed. I could not see clearly and felt ashamed of myself that I could not look directly at others. I felt discriminated against and it made me lose my confidence but right now, after the surgery, I have regained my eyesight. Now I can see clearly and feel confident about myself. All of these is  thanks to PPCBank, Khmer Sight Foundation and all the volunteers who have sacrificed their time and resources to help me and other poor Cambodians who cannot afford to pay for the surgery. I wish them all the best!”

PPCBank is inspired by small stories like the one above.   As with other Cambodian citizens,  small acts of kindness from our organization can change a certain number  of Cambodian lives in a right and positive way. We strongly believe that this small steps  of giving back to Cambodian society will add up and  one day bring a huge impact to the whole development of the country. PPCBank has been cooperating with Khmer Sight Foundation, since 2017 and we will continue with full desire in participating with both financial and physical support for the betterment of Cambodian people.

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