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Youth, Growth and CSR

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Although Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered a form of corporate self-regulation, it does not mean that it is limited only to adults. In the last five year, IDP Education has been engaging their young students into their responsibility toward society, an initiative that will shape them into ideal citizens in the future.

In 2014, Australian Centre of Education (ACE), a leading provider of English Language Teaching services and an IDP initiative, created ACE Student Ambassadors (ASA), a programme that recruit ACE students on a yearly basis to help steer CSR activities.

“From that group, they began charity events,” says Yasmine Genena, IDP Cambodia’s Event and Public Relations Officer. “Their first event was Khmer New Year, a cultural event to raise money for CCF (Cambodian Children Fund) and Kantha Bopha Hospital.”

“And then we have the Annual Fun Run for the Environment, a morning of exercise while focusing on environmental issue, which is in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. The third event is the Christmas Edition, a Christmas Party to raise money for various causes,” she adds.

As their scale and impact grew, ACE created the Social Committee, an internal committee of staff, to help guide the events to ensure good planning and execution.

All of the CSR events, according to Genena, have drawn thousands of students and raised “good money” for different charities. Yet, what IDP Cambodia really values is that the company is influencing young people and building a sense of social responsibility at a young age, which makes them socially conscious as they get older.

“By being an ACE Student Ambassador has given me many experiences, such as communicating with other people, working in groups, problem solving and developing leadership skills,” says An Raksmey, a former member of ASA 2017-2018.

“All of those experiences have helped me to improve myself and change my bad habits to become a better person. Moreover, it is the best way to create meaningful moments in my life,” Raksmey says.

Genena adds that these sorts of activities also benefit IDP and ACE in the sense that they help build awareness of “who we are”, since people can associate our school to the very positive contribution to society.

“Meanwhile, the students learn new things, have good times, as well as build up strong communication with one another on an ACE campus” she says.

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