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Opportunity through training with Libra

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As Cambodia’s economic development advances, so too must the level of skilled workers to maintain the nation’s capacity for attracting new business. The world as we know it is changing and the integration of technology has become vital to all industries across the private sector – security is no exception.

“As you know, we’re a security company so we don’t sell products – we provide services that enhance security for people, for their businesses, and their livelihoods,” explains Chun Sophat, the business development manager for Libra.

“This is why CSR is so important to Libra, we’re not a non-profit organisation, we earn money from our clients and our clients demand the best – they need qualified security professionals.”

The demand for security services began to outpace the available pool of talent in Phnom Penh, so Libra – as part of their corporate social responsibility program – established a training centre that aims to provide the skills necessary for the level of service their clients expect.

“What we’re trying to do here is to transform people – people who don’t have the opportunity to study at university, people who lack of formal training necessary for stable work – we offer them opportunities to learn and earn through our training.”

Stating that the program offers both practical experience and theoretical expertise, Chun explained that much of their recruitment is focused in provinces of Cambodia that don’t enjoy the same level of education that Phnom Penh does, with a view to providing not just jobs, but skills for a career.

This holistic curriculum is driven by recruitment events, where Libra works with communities to establish the opportunities that the company can offer.

“The demand is increasing everywhere, every day, but the supply is only limited by the number of skilled security guards, which is why we offer opportunities that often lead to progression – we already have over 800 staff, but as security needs change, so too must our training.”

The advent of AI and facial recognition has prompted many to call for more stringent security measures. Naturally, this has impacted the way that Libra operates.

“We’ve had to adapt and transform to utilise new technology to better protect against changing security risks, so we promote the development of security technology, we sponsor seminars, training events, and many other opportunities to further develop the skills of our employees.”

While Libra’s take on CSR provides obvious benefits for them as a company, the program offers skills and opportunities that employees can keep for life.

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