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The helping hands of Khmer Times

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As a proud Cambodian institution,  Khmer Times does not stand idly by on the side lines when it has the power to help those in need. While the publication’s engagements in events have been limited to ensure that journalistic integrity remains at the heart of their operations, the impact of its generosity has been wide-reaching.

Khmer Times has, for many years, offered compassionate support to a range of individuals and prides itself on being one of the first in line to step up when disaster strikes.

Like the rest of Cambodia,  Khmer Times looked on with horror as the death toll continued to rise following the collapse of a building site in Sihanoukville. While fully aware that no amount of money can undo the damage wrought upon those who perished in the collapse, Khmer Times immediately offered financial assistance to the victims and their families. The newspaper hopes that, in some small way, this will help to mitigate the challenges that lie ahead for those whose lives have been torn apart by this disaster.

Earlier this year, when 47 Malaysians were detained after being lured into an alleged  slavery ring, Khmer Times went above and beyond the role of a newspaper to help secure justice for those detained. The Malaysians, who had been promised work in Cambodia, soon found that their employers had confiscated their passports, phones, and essentially reduced them to slavery, before they were detained by Cambodian authorities for their role in an illegal gambling operation. Khmer Times ensured the survival of the 47 detainees by supplying donations that went on to provide food and water to those in detention  in Banteay Meanchey province.

Khmer Times also reached out to migrant workers in Thailand as they were forcibly returned to Cambodia en masse. The deportations were a tragic end to a grim story that saw countless Cambodians abused and exploited in their search for a better life in the Land of Smiles. With many of the workers lacking the money to secure safe passage home, Khmer Times made donations and even sent two volunteers to assist with transportation arrangements in a bid to ease the suffering of those returning home.

Beyond responding to crises as they arise,  Khmer Times regularly contributes to the development of the nation’s education, having made monthly donations to the Takin Foreign Language Centre in Svay Rieng for the last year. Khmer Times recognises the need for ongoing financial support in order to further the development of Cambodia’s youth and plans to continue their monthly donations for years to come.

Khmer Times values its journalists and its competitors who all contribute to the vibrant media landscape in Cambodia, which is why when veteran journalist Saing Soenthrith needed dialysis for his diabetes induced kidney failure,  Khmer Times had to act. Mr Soenthrith had a prominent voice that upheld the very best of journalistic values – values that  Khmer Times works hard to continue and with Mr Soenthrith’s former employer failing to support him through his illness, Khmer Times stepped up to provide funding for the reporter’s medical treatment. until his death earlier this year, at the age of 55.

All of this – and all that will surely follow – only serves to demonstrate  Khmer Times commitment to those in need, to Cambodia’s downtrodden and forgotten, but also to the Kingdom itself.

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