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4 tech websites you need to know

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We live in a world of technology, and thus getting constant updates, especially when it comes to gadgets, is inevitable. Some of us may closely follow tech news as a point of interest, but for the rest of us learning about tech is a matter of preparing ourselves for what’s to come next in this digital age.

Va Sonyka compiles four websites that would give you different flavours of tech information in Cambodia and around the world.

Geeks in Cambodia

Tech news for Cambodia

You may find it difficult to look for information sometimes, when it comes to news related to Cambodian tech society. But now, if you want to find a website rife with local tech startup news, Geeks in Cambodia can help. The website gives you a lot of information related to startup ecosystems mainly in the Kingdom such as workshops, competitions, and guides to all tech businesses. Those who are interested to explore the tech business should check this website as there is an option for you to receive the latest notification about tech competitions or any significant workshops. Check it out soon, as early birds always get the worms.

Gsm Arena

Best in comparison of product

Before making a purchase, many youths might like to make comparisons of a few tech products, specifically reading mobile phone reviews. If you also like to do that, this website is probably the best for you. Yes! GSMarena is a well-known website where you can find information on almost all models by simply pairing the brands listed on the website. GSM Arena is helpful when you are clueless about the specifications of the product that you are going to buy. It lists down the pros and cons and all the specific functions of each model for you. More than that, the genius writers of the website also give you honest feedback and critic so you can carefully read before spending a lot of money on one device.


The up-to-date news on software

Tech inventors will not stop updating their software because their main theory in developing technology is to continuously make life easier for all. Today, even a street food vendor uses an app for the delivery service. Therefore, learning some updated changes of tech may prompt fruitful results for your business. Engadget provides the news that you need to know, particularly on how your mobile or computer software is working or being updated. In addition, the website also comes in handy when you also want to know about new research or studies related to tech that you can use for your future guidance. Plus, the website also gives interesting news on giant tech companies in the world. Go to the website now as news is updated daily.

The Verge

Critical cybercrime news

You may be aware of the tech war between US and China, the feud between iPhone and Samsung or many other rumors about cyber security. The controversial news has gone viral over the social media and yes, you may also learn about it from some of your friends. If you want to verify how accurate the ‘gossips’ are, head on over to The Verge! This is where you can find hot tech news really quick. It gives you important news related to internet crime and also the updated international tech news. Their feature stories will also give you critical ideas of both the upside and downside of the internet, in addition to other events on the internet that could possibly take place in the future.













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