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Ministry launches booklet to promote gender equality

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Officials launch the booklet yesterday. MOL

The Labour Ministry on Tuesday launched a booklet outlining new strategies to promote gender equality in the labour sector from this year to 2023.


Seung Sor Socheta, a ministry secretary of state, yesterday said the policies are outlined in the Strategic Plan for Gender Mainstreaming in the field of Labour and Vocational Training Phase 4 for 2019-2023.

She said strategies include holding training courses to strengthen the capacity of women’s rights groups and expand knowledge on gender mainstreaming.

“This books details women’s access to social security and social services provided by the National Employment Agency,” Ms Sor Socheta said. “It is also aims at providing input on national plans to reduce child labour by 2025 and implement recommendations made by researchers on inequality in the workplace.”

Iren Genzmer, a representative of Germany-based Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusamenarbeit (GIZ) in Cambodia, yesterday said that gender equality is not only a basic human right but is also vital to promote peace and sustainable development globally.

She noted that gender equality is part of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

“Germany is commited to support Cambodia to promote gender equality to achieve the SDGs goal,” she said.

During the booklet’s launch, Labour Minister Ith Samheng said the strategies for gender mainstreaming include monitoring how women are treated in the workplace at both the national and sub-national levels.

He urged the ministry’s working group on gender equality to hold more workshops to educate the public about gender equality in the workplace.

“I suggest the working group increases collaboration with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and other relevant ministries, institutions, national and international organisations to mobilise support for technical and financial assistance in the field of employment and vocational training,” Mr Samheng said.

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